120.00 Per Card

2 Blank Inserts including in price.
Card Size: 7″ X 7″ – Rs.99/- (Light Weight)
Extra Insert: Rs12/-
Card Size: 8″ X 8″ – Rs.119/- (Light Weight)
Extra Insert: Rs15/-
Card Size: 8″ X 8″ – Rs.149/- (Hard Cover)
Extra Insert: Rs15/-
RSVP : 20/- Thank You : Rs.25/-
Bag Size 11 X 9 : Rs.80/-
Money Envelope: Rs.20/-
Printing Charge : 2 Insert + 1 Outer Envelope (Rs.2400/-) up to 500 qty.
Extra Page Printing Cost Rs.800/- per page extra.

Product Price

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(If you have 3 events and 1 outer envelope print than select 4 printing )

Digital Invitation PDF (Without Animation)

This price is apply if you place the printed invitation cards order with us.

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